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Frequently Asked Questions

What port does Docker run nginx on?

When you run a container with the -p argument, for example: Docker Desktop makes whatever is running on port 80 in the container (in this case, nginx) available on port 80 of localhost. In this example, the host and container ports are the same.

Can I access internal host from a docker container?

host.docker.internal can not be accessed from docker container. Sorry, something went wrong.

How to add dockerhost as a hostname in Nginx?

link dockerhost to proxy, this will add an /etc/hosts entry in proxy contianer - we can use 'dockerhost' as a hostname in nginx configuration. This method allows us to have have automated let's encrtypt certificates generated for every service running on my server.

What makes Nginx proxy to your host machine?

What makes Nginx proxy to your host machine is the use of host.docker.internal in the upstream. Before starting the containers, there is one thing left to do. Add the two hosts entries to your host file on your host machine.

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