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Frequently Asked Questions

How to add dockerhost as a hostname in Nginx?

link dockerhost to proxy, this will add an /etc/hosts entry in proxy contianer - we can use 'dockerhost' as a hostname in nginx configuration. This method allows us to have have automated let's encrtypt certificates generated for every service running on my server.

How to bind a Nginx instance to host?

Use network_mode: host, this will bind your nginx instance to host's network interface. This could result in conflicts when running multiple nginx containers: every exposed port is binded to host's interface.

What config do I need for Docker-Compose?

If you are using Docker Compose file version 3 you don't need any special config for docker-compose.yml file at all, just use the special DNS name host.docker.internal to reach a host service, as on the following nginx.conf example:

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