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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install Nginx and Apache on the same machine?

Apache is running perfectly with SSL enabled and certs installed on port 443. I would like to install nginx as well on the same machine. Both as a functional reverse proxy and a server on port 81 or 8443 (using the same cert used by apache) I found plenty of solutions with nginx as primary server and apache as secondary.

Can I run Nginx outside of Docker?

Speaking of which, running nginx outside of Docker is also nice for combining static web sites and Dockerized apps on the same server. You can have your non-Dockerized nginx serve your static blog while also acting as a reverse proxy to your main Dockerized web app (s).

How to run a web server in Nginx?

Let’s run a basic web server using the official NGINX image. Run the following command to start the container. With the above command, you started running the container as a daemon ( -d) and published port 8080 on the host network. You also named the container web using the --name option.

How to run Docker without using sudo?

Now you can run Docker without having to use sudo. Now we have to run the NGINX image such that it will expose the Docker container port to the network port. To do this, we run the image with the command: -p 80:80 this informs Docker how we want to expose the port (in the form of network port:container port)

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