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Frequently Asked Questions

How does one use volumes in a dockerfile?

Use volumes Choose the -v or --mount flag πŸ”—. In general, --mount is more explicit and verbose. ... Create and manage volumes πŸ”—. ... Start a container with a volume πŸ”—. ... Use a volume with docker-compose πŸ”—. ... Use a read-only volume πŸ”—. ... Use a volume driver πŸ”—. ... Backup, restore, or migrate data volumes πŸ”—. ... Remove volumes πŸ”—. ...

What is the purpose of volume in dockerfile?

VOLUME is used to enable access from the container to a directory on the host machine . WORKDIR sets the path where the command, defined with CMD, is to be executed. LABEL allows you to add a label to your docker image. Not all keywords are required for a Dockerfile to function.

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