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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the docket app?

Through the Docket app you can review past immunization reports, track upcoming shots, and share official immunization reports. To get started, download the free app by searching “Docket” on the App Store or on Google Play. Or, go directly through Docket .

What is the official government entity of the Docket® program?

Docket® is commissioned and directly endorsed by the following official government entities: New Jersey Department of Health, Utah Department of Health. NOTE: Docket® only supports access to COVID-19 records for New Jersey residents.

Why choose docket health?

Easy access to your personal and family immunization records at no cost. Fácil acceso a su familia y personal registros de vacunación sin costo alguno. Docket Health, Inc. is an ambitious digital health company that partners with government to put more Americans in control of their personal health data. Support Docket® at your organization today.

How can I use docket® to track immunization data?

Connect to state immunization registries. Stay up-to-date on your family's shots from a single Docket® account. Access your immunization records with Google, Apple sign-in, or your Docket® account. Determine which data elements to consume based on clinical utility. Track your medication adherence and IoT health data.

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