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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I recover a document in Excel?

Open Excel again, and you should see the Recovered heading. If you see it, select Show Recovered Files: Excel will open a new spreadsheet with the Document Recovery panel open: Click on any file listed in the panel to see Excel’s most recent save.

How do I restore Excel documents?

Find the appropriate Excel file, select it and then select "Home" on the menu bar. Select "History" to review the various versions, searching for the most recent. Open the file. Once opened, select "Restore" to reopen the missing worksheet. Save it as a new version.

Where to find AutoRecover Excel?

Click "File," "Open," "Computer" and then "Browse.". Paste in the AutoRecover location using "Ctrl-V" and press "Enter" to view its contents. In the folder, you'll see subfolders for each recovered file. Each subfolder name begins with the lost file's title to help you find the correct one.

How do I AutoRecover in Excel?

Choose a file from Document Recovery. Reopen Excel after a crash, and the program will check for AutoRecover saves. Select a file from the Document Recovery panel to open it. You can also open the drop-down menu next to a file and choose "Save As" to save the file directly.

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