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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I locate my Documents folder?

Navigate to the "My Documents" folder in the "Start" menu. Click on it once to select it. The folder name should be highlighted. Right-click the "My Documents" folder and select "Properties" from the right-click menu.

How do you put your documents into a folder?

Find the files you want to place in the ZIP folder. Open each directory or folder in which the files are located. Click the "Restore down" button in each of the folders or directories you have open so that you can view both the ZIP file you created on the desktop and the window for the directory or folder.

How can I restore my documents file?

Select “Recover Files” on the main screen. Then select “Recover Deleted Files”. Then select the drive where the “My Documents” folder is located. The drive is scanned using RAW signature search by the software.

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