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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DoD health?

The Military Health System (MHS) is the global health system of the Department of. Defense (DoD) with the principal mission of readiness: maintaining a medically ready. fighting force, and a ready medical system that is prepared to respond to the full. spectrum of military operations.

Is DHS under DoD?

DHS has more in common with DOD than DOJ. If the desire was to combine departments then DHS should become another branch of military service under DOD. The Department of Justice, just like all police forces and associated prosecutors is in the business of punishing criminals after they have committed a crime.

Is the VA under DoD?

A: VA does not register Veteran caregivers for the Purple Heart and Disabled Veterans Equal Access Act of 2018. There’s an eligibility and application process for the VA Program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers. These VA and DoD programs are unrelated. If a Veteran who requires a caregiver is interested in applying for services under the Caregiver Support Program, they may visit for more information.

Where is the Defense Health Agency located?

Defense Health Agency is located at 7700 Arlington Blvd # 5101 in Falls Church and has been in the business of Administration Of Public Health Programs since 1998.

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