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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Defense Health program cost the government?

The Defense Health Program spans the globe in support of the Department of Defense's most important resource--active and retired military members and their families. Preparation of the Defense-Wide budget excluding revolving funds, cost the Department of Defense a total of approximately $1,220,000 in FY 2020

What types of grant opportunities does NIH provide?

While NIH awards many grants specifically for research, we also provide grant opportunities that support research-related activities, including: fellowship and training, career development, scientific conferences, resource and construction.

When was the Defense Health Agency established?

Defense Health Agency | Established Oct. 1, 2013, the Defense Health Agency is the centerpiece of Military Health System governance reform, as outlined in the Deputy Secretary of Defense’s March 11, 2013 Memorandum “Implementation of Military Health System Governance Reform.”

What is the Defense Health Agency DHA?

Defense Health Agency. Resources. What We Do. The Defense Health Agency (DHA) is a joint, integrated Combat Support Agency that enables the Army, Navy, and Air Force medical services to provide a medically ready force and ready medical force to Combatant Commands in both peacetime and wartime.

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