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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Defense Health Agency manage the hospitals and clinics?

The Defense Health Agency has established a market-based structure to manage the hospitals and clinics. Each health care market will: Provide shared administrative services to the hospitals and clinics in their region.

What is the military health system doing for HRO?

The Military Health System (MHS) began the HRO transformation in 2014 to propel improvements to access to care, quality of care, and patient safety. The practices of the Services and National Capital Region (NCR), prior and ongoing, have laid the foundation for an enterprise HRO cultural change. DHA’s Priorities 8

What is military health system?

Military hospitals and clinics are the core of the Military Health System. They are located on military bases and posts around the world.

What is the DHA approach to healthcare optimization?

DHA Approach to Healthcare Optimization • The 2017 NDAA, Sections 704 and 709, catalyzed needed direct care optimization efforts • DHA Healthcare Optimization’s approach to achieve goals: oEstablish enterprise standardsand processes in DHA policy oConduct direct care outreach: coach, educate, and sustain

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