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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to get an AWS Education account?

AWS Account: $100 in AWS credits per student at member institutions; $40 in credits at non-member institutions AWS Educate Starter Account: $75 in AWS credits at member institutions; $30 in AWS credits at non-member institutions

Is there a free version of AWS educate?

I can't speak on AWS Educate, however; I loved the udemy classes from A Cloud Guru. He ran all of his labs in the AWS Free tier so you can do and learn while you're at it. Groupons can get the classes for under $10.

What is the average salary for AWS certification in India?

Otherwise, the average salary in India ranges from 15 Lacs to 20 Lacs annually. What's the Next Step? Now that you know the various AWS certification levels and AWS certification costs, it's the best time to learn about cloud computing to enhance your skillset and gain a relevant certification.

How often do you need to take the AWS certification exam?

Note:- After every two years, there are lots of changes done by Amazon in AWS to keep credentials relevant, so you need to take the rectification exam. After looking into the various AWS certification costs, let us learn about the average salary obtained. Willing to learn all the cloud computing concepts from scratch?

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