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Frequently Asked Questions

What dog breeds did originate in India?

14 Native Dog Breed in India Rajapalayam. Royalty as it sounds, Rajapalayam has kept as a symbol of prestige during the Chola Dynasty of Tamil Nadu. Indian Spitz. This Indian breed is often confused with Pomeranian due to their fluffy coat. ... Mudhol Hound. ... Bully Kutta. ... Gaddi Kutta. ... Kombai. ... Kanni/Chippiparai. ... Indian Pariah Dog. ... Pandikona. ... Bakharwal dog. ... More items...

Which is the best dog in India?

The best Dog Breeds in India are. Labrador. Golden Retriever. Pug. Rottweiler. German Shepherd. Boxer. Pit Bull.

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