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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I consider when donating to a charity?

Before donating to a charity or non-profit organization, make sure to do your research. You may donate money or property to a charity. Before you donate money or goods, research the charity. Be certain that the charity is real. Several agencies offer information to help you evaluate the operation of charities:

What are the benefits of donating to charities?

A major advantage of giving your assets, such as retirement accounts and life insurance policies, to charity is that in addition to any charitable income tax deduction, your estate will not have to recognize that gifted income, which can give you a break on the estate tax.

How do I research a charity before donating?

The best course of action before giving is to check out the charity with one or more of the major charity watchdogs, including the BBB Wise Giving Alliance, Charity Navigator, and CharityWatch. Go to Consumer Reports’ Holiday Gift Guide for updates on deals, expert product reviews, insider shopping tips, and much more.

How do you know if a charity is reputable?

Look for Transparency A great charity shows you exactly who they are. Look for board members – how many there are, their backgrounds and experiences, board diversity and any conflicts of interest. (Ours are here .) Nonprofit websites should also show you how many employees they have and who is on their staff.

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