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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the user guide for dosespot?

Overview This User Guide highlights the patient and prescribing features in the DoseSpot Application. It will demonstrate how to add the prescribing and prescription data that is that is needed to create and maintain patient demographics and medication information.

How do I add new patients to my dosespot prescription?

Add New Patient Users in the DoseSpot Prescribing Application can add new patients to their clinics by clicking “Add New Patient” in the Patient List page, and entering their demographic information through the Add Patient form.

What is the difference between drivedosespot and jumpstart e-prescribing integrations?

DoseSpot is both Surescripts & EPCS certified and our e-Prescribing Integrations will save your company time, money and development hassle. The JumpStart is our “plug and play” e-Prescribing integration platform that allows you to quickly embed and integrate our Surescripts certified e-Prescribing user interface with your healthcare software.

What is enclara Enclarity?

Enclarity TM is Enclara’s real-time dashboard and reporting tool. It aggregates hospice PBM data to deliver insight into utilization trends, industry benchmarks and pharmacy costs. This powerful system helps improve care and lower costs across your organization.

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