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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Dot NET developer cost in India?

A standard Dot Net developer will charge you around 20 to 25 USD/hr in India. Like that, you have to get the quotation from around 6 to 7 companies and prefer the best one for you. (Don’t go with the cheapest one.) The Dot Net development firm that you are going to hire must give you 24/7 support and technical assistance.

Who is Dot NET application development company?

Dot Net Application Development Company. We are one of the leading Dot Net application development companies in India and USA. We along with the bunch of our awesome development team aim to put forward the most reliable, secured, and scalable solutions.

What is dot net?

In general, Dot Net is the flexible and rapid general-purpose framework that can match the impact of the latest programming languages. It can enable Dot Net development companies to design cross-platform services and high-quality applications for the cloud and web.

Is a full-stack Dot NET development company the right choice?

Well, there are three key reasons a full-stack dot NET development companies may be the right choice for your project: Full-stack .NET development companies can save your company money if one team member has different roles. Of course, you shouldn’t take this to the extreme, but in this case, it can reduce personnel and operational costs.

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