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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the strongest carry in Dota 2?

In the following article, we shall discuss about the strongest carry heroes in patch 7.29 of Dota 2. #1 Huskar Huskar is the hero with the highest winrate in pub matches at this point with an insane 56% winrate.

Which Dota 2 Hero is the easiest to use?

Sniper is maybe the easiest hero to play in Dota 2.Sniper has one active ability that takes some effort to use, Shrapnel.A large AoE that damages and slows the target. He also has two abilities that are nearly effortless to use effectively, Take Aim, which buffs you with increased range - so basically a passive ability - and Assassinate, which has a cast range so far that it’s impossible to ...

How many heroes in Dota 2?

Today, a player can choose from a vast pool of heroes, each one with its specific traits and gameplay style. Dota 2 has 121 heroes in total. Here is a breakdown of all the heroes and their respective spells, with bold ones being the ultimates.

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