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Frequently Asked Questions

Are some heroes stronger than others in Dota 2?

Though everyone has their favorite hero in Dota 2, the meta dictates which heroes are more powerful than others. Based on patches and balance changes, some heroes are stronger for a period and they’ll be likely to average higher win rates in the process.

Which hero has the highest win rate?

Heroes Highest Win Rate, This Month Hero Win Rate Pick Rate KDA Ratio Night Stalker 52.79% 6.16% 3.17 Dazzle 52.67% 9.63% 2.35 Jakiro 52.42% 8.83% 2.48 Sven 52.39% 11.97% 3.03 65 more rows ...

What is the solo experience boost in Dota 2?

The solo experience boost allows two players to hit level six relatively fast, which also enables them to rotate around the map and help out others. While position one players will be hesitant to move and rotate around the map, roaming and finding kills are priorities for position two players. Offlaning is one of the more delicate roles in Dota 2.

How does dotabuff track win-rates?

However, the win-rates for heroes are tracked by Dotabuff on a weekly basis, and these are constantly in flux. Win-rates depend on both pick-rate and the number of games a hero has won overall.

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