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Frequently Asked Questions

Who won Dota 2's the International 2021?

Team Spirit has been crowned champions of Dota 2’s The International 2021, taking home a cash prize of $18.2 million. ‘Dota 2’ team takes home biggest esports prize ever BetFTW NFL NBA WNBA MLB NHL College Football College Basketball Motorsports NASCAR Soccer Golf MMA WWE Boxing Tennis eSports Culture Outdoors Fan Index Pro Football Fan Index

What is the Dota 2 internationals?

Winning The International is a dream come true for all Dota 2 profesionals. (Image via Twitter) The Internationals, the ultimate Dota 2 annual tournament, starts from 5th August. The selection system in The Internationals includes 12 direct invites. These are the teams that take the top 12 spots on the DPC points leaderboards after two seasons.

Who are the new world champions in Dota 2?

With a spectacular 3-2 result, Team Spirit claim the Aegis and the title as the new world champions in Dota 2! A nice pocket money of $18,208,300 goes their way as well.

How many pro teams are in Dota 2?

This is the system through which 96 pro teams in the tier-1 pro scene are filtered into 18 teams that participate in TI each year. The Dota 2 annual sports calendar is divided into two seasons. Six concurrent Valve-sponsored regional tournaments take place throughout the seasons.

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