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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dota 2's new player mode?

Armed with all of this new knowledge, it’s time to actually get into a game. Dota 2’s New Player Mode will only match solo players with other new solo players, ensuring that they avoid being put at a disadvantage against parties or more veteran players.

What is Dota tutorial?

Dota Tutorial or the Dota 2 Community-tutorial project was an attempt to create a new player onboarding experience for people who become curious about the game after watching the then upcoming animated series on Netflix. In their blogpost, "A New Approach to Helping Players Learn Dota", Valve acknowledged this effort by the community.

Is Dota 2 hard to start?

Dota 2 is one of the most difficult games to start as a fresh player. Not only does the game have hundreds of intricate and complex in-game mechanics, but the community is also unforgiving. A Reddit user chose to use r/DotA2 to express his frustrations with regards to the community.

Is there a way to get bots in New player mode?

In New Player mode, there is a "quick queue" thing that if no human-players are available (in queue), you will get bots from start of match. Valve's idea is/was that you are not stuck in "waiting in queue for other players".

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