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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the International 10 Dota 2?

The dates, location, and teams are finally set for The International (TI10), Dota 2’s most prestigious annual tournament. The moment every Dota 2 pro player (and fan) has dreamed of is finally here. What is The International 10? Dota 2’s The International is one of the grandest esports championship events in the world.

What is the prize pool for the valve Dota 2 international 10?

The International 10’s official prize pool Credit: Wykrhm Reddy. TI10 will have the biggest prize pool of any Valve Dota 2 tournament ever with US$40 million up for grabs. The previous TI9 had a US$34 million prize pool.

When does the ti10 tournament start?

The tournament starts with the Group Stage from October 7 to 10, followed by the Main Stage starting on October 12. The TI10 champions will be crowned during the final day of the tournament on October 17. The full schedule and most recent results and scores will be updated when available. All times and days are in GMT+8, PST, and GMT. 1.

What is Dota 2's biggest prize?

More than two years after OG lifted the Aegis of Champions for a second time at TI9, Dota 2’s best will now compete for the game’s biggest honor on its biggest stage—along with their share of the biggest prize pool in esports history at over $40 million.

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