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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the International 10 Dota 2?

The dates, location, and teams are finally set for The International (TI10), Dota 2’s most prestigious annual tournament. The moment every Dota 2 pro player (and fan) has dreamed of is finally here. What is The International 10? Dota 2’s The International is one of the grandest esports championship events in the world.

What is the valve Dota 2 ti10 prize pool?

TI10 also includes the six teams that won their respective Regional Qualifiers. TI10 will have the biggest prize pool of any Valve Dota 2 tournament ever with US$40 million up for grabs. The previous TI9 had a US$34 million prize pool. Valve has yet to announce the percentage breakdown for TI10.

When is ti in Dota 2?

This is the first time for Dota 2 that TI is being held, not in August. The Dota 2 fans usually associate the month of August with the TI festivities. Hopefully, the wait till October is going to be worth it.

How does Dota 2 work?

Each team will play two games against each opponent in the group. A team that wins their match 2-0 earns 2 points, a 1-1 draw gives them 1 point, and a 0-2 loss leaves them with no points. The top four Dota 2 teams in each group will advance to the Upper Bracket of the Main Event, while the bottom team in each group will be eliminated from TI10.

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