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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the dots projector see silhouette in phasmophobia?

For those fans that are really struggling to see silhouettes despite their best efforts, it is recommended that they look at the dot matrix through a camera with night vision in Phasmophobia. While the DOTS Projector cannot highlight the silhouettes of every type of ghost, it does work with a number of them.

How does phasmophobia dots work?

The Phasmophobia DOTS Projector narrows down the primary location of the ghost by highlighting paranormal movement. It also helps with identification. With its latest major update, Phasmophobia has introduced a ton of new and improved features, including new ghost types and new equipment.

What is a dots projector?

The D.O.T.S Projector is a piece of electronic starter equipment, as well as a type of evidence, that can be used to reveal the ghost running across it very quickly. The D.O.T.S Projector can be mounted on the wall or floor similar to a motion sensor.

How do you use the dots projector for ghost hunts?

Here’s how you use the DOTS projector during your ghost hunts. The DOTS Projector produces laser lights around it. While those laser lights are activated, any paranormal movements that appear through it will be highlighted, indicating to everyone looking at the lights where the entity could be.

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