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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some Dragon Age Inquisition Console Commands?

Here are all the available Dragon Age Inquisition commands: Based on the effects of these commands, it's pretty clear that you can use them to obliterate any enemy in the game. Make sure to use them wisely! The DAI God Mode console command will make your characters invulnerable. It will also provide infinite Stamina and Magicka.

How do you access the console in Dragon Age Inquisition?

Go to the My Games tab, right-click Dragon Age: Origins and choose Properties from the menu. In the General tab click the button Set launch options. Add -enabledeveloperconsole to the start options field. To enable the console in the Ultimate Edition you have to edit the file DAOriginsLauncher.xml .

What are some cheats for Dragon Age Inquisition?

Every known cheat for Dragon Age Inquisition - including infinite gold - along with all the console commands for the PC version of the game. If you're struggling to beat the game on an even playing field, the good news is that there are a few neat little tips and tricks you can take advantage of to force the tide of battle in your favour.

How do you add experience points to your character using console commands in Dragon Age Inquisition?

To render the consoles available in-game by hitting the button that is located directly beneath the Esc command. This console command is used to change the graphic options. This command will enable the god mode. This console command is used to get a 1-minute attribute buff. This command will add experience points to your character.

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