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Frequently Asked Questions

Is your drain tile causing floods in Vancouver?

Flooding issues due to drain tile are common in Vancouver given the average age of homes 30 Years or older. It all starts with a detailed video pipe inspection of your homes drain tile system and storm sump.

Why choose Westside drainage for your drain tile inspection?

Westside Drainage offers an affordable inspection service that will put your mind at ease knowing your drain tile system is ready to serve you for years to come. Are you looking for a new home in Vancouver? Be aware that a drain tile system inspection is highly recommended especially on homes that are older.

What is a drain tile system?

A drain tile system is what prevents that from happening. Weeping Tile vs French Drain vs Perimeter Drainage: What’s the Difference?

What is a perimeter drain tile?

The perimeter drainage system around your home is an important sewer / drain tile component that protects your home from water damage. When your perimeter drain tile breaks down, water builds up around the foundation. Water is heavy and can damage foundation walls, creating cracks, leaking and water ingress.

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