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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I wear a tie to church?

The tie decision is absolutely superfluous and definitely not a must. On the other hand, if every other man in the community wears a tie to church, then yes, you should wear one as well.

Do I have to dress up for church?

So, no. You don't have to dress up for church. You can if you want, but God doesn't require it. But if you dress up only to feel special, get attention, or to look more important than the more casually-dressed people, then you're really just showing off, and your clothes have nothing to do with your respect for God.

What are the dresses nuns wear called?

The outfit worn by Roman Catholic nuns is called a habit. It resembles a long tunic and typically has two sets of sleeves, of which the larger is worn down during ceremonies or when inside a chapel. The habit is commonly black but can be other colors, such as white, depending on the specific religious order.

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