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Frequently Asked Questions

Is driver easy a virus?

It's not a virus, but it's closer to a scam. It is a useless piece of software that the company will use to charge you money for something you can do for free, under the guise of making it easier for you. You can always get drivers on your own for free from the respective manufacturers. 7. level 2.

Is driver easy safe to use?

Driver Easy is safe to use, but to ensure your computer is always safe, it is highly recommended that you run regular full system scan and PC backup. You can utilize the Windows built-in tool Windows Defender to check whether there are threats to your computer. The tutorial is below.

Is easy driver legit?

It's actually hard to believe that this software is legit, not its fault though, it's the rest of sotware's. Rest of drivers programs promise to find drivers for you but at the end make you pay for it. That's just dirty, tricky and low. Only scams do that. Now, my opinion about this software; it's GOOD.

How to use driver easy?

It’s not uncommon for smartphone apps to send drivers to “public” EV chargers in ... work and home charging will succeed only if the stations are easy to find and people are comfortable using them, day or night.

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