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Frequently Asked Questions

Is drivereasy a scam or not? Scam Or Not? You can rest assured, is not a fraudulent website. However, it's your obligation to read the potential signs every time you are about to engage in an online business.

Is easyeasy driver safe to use?

Easy driver is an excellent program, very easy to use and most importantly - the program Malwerebytes antimalware does not recognize it as malicious and does not delete it from the computer!

How does driver easy work?

How does it work? 1 Just click Scan Now, and Driver Easy will scan your computer and detect any devices with missing or outdated drivers. 2 Then click the Update button next to any flagged device. Driver Easy will then automatically download the latest driver... 3 Once it’s finished downloading, you simply install it. More ...

Is driver easy a virus?

According to the VirusTotal website, the official .exe payload of DriverEasy doesn’t conform to malware or virus. However, this is not at all a required/recommended software for driver updates and often results in high CPU usage and poor system performance. Is Driver Easy Safe?

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