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Frequently Asked Questions

What is calidcal driver Ed?

Cal Driver Ed is a fictitious business name of Pacific High School, Inc. for it's driver education online course.

Why choose our driving school California program?

Our driving school California program offers access to our free California drivers course as well as unlimited practice tests, a feature that helps us maintain our 100% pass rate.

What is it's drivers education?

It's drivers education designed with you in mind. Whether you’re just starting out or an experienced pro, turn to us for all your driver-related needs. You only learn how to drive once, so do it with confidence. Our courses serve as an in-depth review of the rules of the road.

How to get a driver's Ed license in California?

Get your Drivers Ed Certificate Complete our DMV Approved California Driver's Ed Course, pass our Test and receive your official DMV Certificate of Completion shipped by US mail. Take this certificate to the DMV, pass their written test and receive your California Driving Permit.

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