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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I report a driver training school in Indiana?

The following driver training schools are licensed by the BMV to provide driver education: If you have concerns about a driver training school or one of their instructors, please report it to the bureau by email. All aspects of driver education instruction are outlined in the Indiana Administrative Code (IAC) 140 IAC 4.

What do you need to know about dridriving Indiana?

Driving is a complex skill that is developed over time with practice and requires the basic knowledge of operating a motor vehicle. Below you will find information for parents and teens regarding driver education, obtaining a learner’s permit, and Indiana’s Graduated Driver’s License System.

Where can I get help getting an Indiana driver’s license?

The BMV provides the following resources for teen drivers and their parents to help prepare for how to obtain an Indiana driver’s license: For Parents...

Why take drivers ed online?

With our online drivers ed course, you can learn on your own time because we give you everything you need to successfully take drivers ed conveniently online. Drivers ed online is a breeze—and available 24/7—with!

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