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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Air Canada get involved in the drone delivery industry?

Will Air Canada make moves? In total, the drone delivery industry in Canada could be worth nearly $1 billion long term. With a market cap of just $4.8 billion, it’s no wonder Air Canada wants to get involved. The rush is particularly important considering traditional airline demand is down a whopping 95% year over year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

What's new with drone delivery in healthcare?

In partnership with Drone Delivery Canada (DDC) and Air Canada Cargo, we are pleased to we are pleased to announce a new drone delivery solution for healthcare. Leveraging DDC’s drone delivery platform, this commercial roll-out enables DSV to deploy DDC's patented drone delivery to establish an additional transportation link for Oakville Hospital.

Is drone delivery the future for the Moose Cree?

The future has arrived in Canada. A remote Moose Cree First Nations community will start getting various resources delivered by drone, courtesy of Drone Delivery Canada (DDC). DDC is set to start commercial test flights within the Moose Cree geography, which is located 20 km south of James Bay in Northern Ontario.

Why choose DDC for drone delivery?

Powered by DDC's proprietary FLYTE software, drones deliver your critical goods autonomously. With safety as our top priority, DDC ensures compliance with the local regulatory authority. All drone operations are overseen by DDC's mission control center with live personnel monitoring 24/7.

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