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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Drone Delivery Canada a publicly traded company?

Drone Delivery Canada Corp. is a publicly listed company trading on the TSX.V Exchange under the symbol FLT, on the U.S. OTC QX market under the symbol TAKOF and on the Frankfurt exchange in Germany under the symbol A2AMGZ or ABB.F. This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin.

Is Drone Delivery Canada (DDC) a serious multi-Bagger?

If the company can capture just 1% of the overall market over the next few years, the stock could be a serious multi-bagger. Indeed, the company is already making serious progress. Drone Delivery Canada has spent years refining its drone technology and seems on the verge of finally grabbing a commercial supply agreement.

What is drone delivery?

Drone delivery is a DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGY which will re-define the traditional shipping / delivery market. Drones will be able to deliver products FASTER, EASIER and CHEAPER allowing retailers to grow their revenues and bottom lines. Regulatory bodies have now begun legislating commercial drone use.

Why is Drone Delivery Canada partnering with Apple Express?

It’s energizing to be at the forefront of e-commerce, partnering with Drone Delivery Canada as an early adopter in drone technology. The knowledge and experience gained though this innovative program will benefit our customers in the new normal as restrictions begin to ease. Apple Express.

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