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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the PCC and IPC codes in dsams?

These codes can be found on the DSAMS RP030 report and are either Primary Category Codes (PCCs) or Indirect Pricing Components (IPCs). The table will be periodically reviewed and updated as necessary.

What is the difference between post-dsams and dsams?

Post-DSAMS, new lines were added starting with Amendment 5 (Implemented July 9, 2003) such that all lines above line 17 (lines 18-32) were added in DSAMS). A case will not be returned simply based on the inability to provide the cost breakouts on pre-DSAMS lines.

Where can I find the relevant policy memos for the DSCA?

Answer: The relevant policy memos are DSCA 03-11, DSCA 05-17 and DSCA 06-30. You can find them on the DSCA home page at Question: Exactly what is the Security Cooperation Information Portal (SCIP)?

What are the DSCA requirements for X coded PCCs?

"X" coded lines must reflect a minimum of two PCCs, one for stock and one for procurement, with the CAS appropriately applied to the procurement PCC. The PCCs also must have the correct PE coding (see paragraph c. (1) (a)). DSCA Policy 09-06 provides guidance on the allocation of line value between the stock and procurement PCCs on such "X" lines.

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