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Frequently Asked Questions

Can anti-dsDNA antibodies be present in normal individuals?

This is most likely due to the fact that anti-dsDNA are a heterogeneous population, some of which have been found not to be pathogenic. Anti-dsDNA antibodies can be present in normal individuals, however these antibodies are usually low avidity IgM isotype.

What does it mean if your dsDNA is high?

High levels of anti-dsDNA usually indicates that someone is suffering from chronic and potentially severe inflammation somewhere and that kidney damage may occur as a result. Other autoimmune disorders can produce similar results and positive dsDNA results, but generally in lower levels than in what is seen with lupus.

What is a normal titer level for anti-dsDNA?

Titer levels for anti-dsDNA antibodies were reported as negative (≤4 IU/ml), indeterminate (5–9 IU/ml), or positive (≥10 IU/ml). Average intra-assay reproducibility rates for a high positive panel and a low positive panel were 2.2% and 3.1%, respectively.

How accurate are anti-dsDNA antibodies in the diagnosis of systemic lupitis?

Higher titres of anti-dsDNA antibodies are more suggestive of SLE and lower titres can be found in people without the disease. In contrast to the high specificity, estimates of 25-85% have been observed for the sensitivity of anti-dsDNA in SLE.

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