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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the due diligence period?

The Buyer shall have fourteen (14) calendar days from the day escrow opens as a “Due Diligence Period” to investigate and conduct studies on the Property.

What is a commercial Due Diligence Checklist?

Commercial due diligence is the thorough understanding and examination of the market that the target company operates in. A commercial due diligence checklist involves activities such as conversing with customers, assessment of competitors and an analysis of the business plan. What are Due Diligence Documents?

Why is due diligence so important in M&A?

Proper due diligence before and during an M&A transaction can be stressful and overwhelming. It is, however, necessary. If you want to ensure that all parties agree to an equitable deal, you need to ensure that you've checked and double-checked everything. This is why having an actual physical checklist is so vital.

What is human resources due diligence?

Human Resources — Human Resources (HR) due diligence focuses on the company’s most vital asset: their employees. HR investigation aims to understand: Operational — Operational due diligence involves an examination of all the elements of a company’s operations.

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