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Frequently Asked Questions

What is due care and what are your obligations?

What is Due Care and what are Your Obligations? Due care describes the actions a person must undertake and are necessary to protect people from exposure to contamination present in soil, groundwater, and subsurface vapors; allow for the safe use of contaminated property; and provide notifications to affected parties, such as utilities and easement holders, or to neighboring properties upon the ...

What is an example of due care?

Due care is a level of responsibility that a person in a particular situation is expected to practice. For example, due care is practiced when a person drives his car safely. He is expected to adhere to the rules of the road so as to prevent injury to himself and to others.

What to expect during due diligence?

For most sellers the due diligence process is stressful and demanding. Due diligence is often the most stressful part of any deal, for both buyer and seller. Knowing what to expect can greatly reduce that stress, make the process go more quickly, and also reduce the possibility of a renegotiation or cancellation from the buyer.

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