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Frequently Asked Questions

Would you pay the due diligence fee?

The "due diligence fee" is paid directly to the seller from the buyer and the seller keeps it even if the buyer decides to terminate the contract. If the deal closes, the buyer will have the amount credited to them at closing. Regardless, the amount goes into the seller's pocket - unless the seller is in breach of contract.

What to expect during due diligence?

For most sellers the due diligence process is stressful and demanding. Due diligence is often the most stressful part of any deal, for both buyer and seller. Knowing what to expect can greatly reduce that stress, make the process go more quickly, and also reduce the possibility of a renegotiation or cancellation from the buyer.

What happens during due diligence?

What Happens During Due Diligence. The process helps ensure that your money is being well spent. You will have your professional advisors, such as an attorney who specializes in business purchases or mergers and acquisitions as well as your accountant or CPA, examine the Seller’s P&L statements, tax records, any insurance claims, lease agreements,...

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