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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the actors in the dumplings movie gaau ji?

Dumplings (Gaau ji) Directed by Fruit Chan Produced by Peter Chan, Eric Tsang Written by Lilian Lee Starring Miriam Yeung Tony Leung Ka-fai Bai Ling ... 10 more rows ...

What happened to Mrs Li at the end of the dumplings?

After learning she can no longer get dumplings from Mei, she decides to abort her own child and make it into dumplings for her to eat. The final scene is of Mrs Li, close-up to the camera and slowly eating a dumpling, most probably with meat of her own fetus.

What is the secret ingredient in Mrs Li's dumplings?

After Mrs Li sneaks a look in the kitchen and sees a fetus being used as an ingredient within her next meal on her visits, she is initially disgusted and runs away, but later comes back. Mei tells her that the secret ingredient for her rejuvenating dumplings is unborn fetuses imported from an abortion clinic in Shenzhen, where she used to work.

What is the name of the movie with dumplings?

Dumplings ( Chinese: 餃子; pinyin: Jiǎozi; Jyutping: Gaau2zi2) is a 2004 Hong Kong horror film, directed by Fruit Chan. It was expanded from a short segment in the horror compilation, Three... Extremes.

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