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Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if you are an executor of an estate?

Typically, an executor must: Find the deceased person's assets and manage them until they are distributed to inheritors. This may involve deciding whether to sell real estate or securities owned by the deceased person. Decide whether or not probate court proceedings are needed.

What are my responsibilities as the executor of an estate?

An executor is someone named in a will, or appointed by the court, who is given the legal responsibility to take care of a deceased person's remaining financial obligations. This means taking care of everything from disposing of property to paying bills and taxes.

What are the responsibilities of an executor of an estate?

An executor is also known as the “personal representative” of the estate and is legally responsible for protecting the home, savings and other assets of the deceased person — perhaps a parent or grandparent — until the probate process is complete and the assets are disbursed.

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