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Frequently Asked Questions

What breeds of Dalmatians are easy to spot?

Easy to Spot Dalmatians, Collies and Papillons are bred and naturally raised for temperament, type, structure and soundness for Show, performance and companionship. All puppies are raised in the house and are pets first.

Is there a Dalmatian willing to sit still?

Well the answer to this if you are a Dalmatian owner is that there is no Dalmatian willing to sit still long enough for a count to occur. The more direct answer is simply that no two Dalmatians are the same, some have few spots and some have many spots.

Do Dalmatians get ticks?

Secondary to these spots, Dalmatians can develop smaller spots all over their body throughout their lifetime. These spots, called ticks or flecks, are smaller and less common, almost like getting freckles.

What does a Dalmatian nose look like?

Indeed, the majority of Dalmatian noses are wholly black or brown, so these spots on puppies (and those potentially found on the ears) give an early indication of the color of the Dalmatian before spots have even appeared on their fur.

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