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Frequently Asked Questions

How do libraries work with ebooks?

Ebooks are formatted to work with specific hardware and software programs. Because these different technologies are proprietary and sometimes incompatible, libraries are forced to provide some ebooks in multiple formats or limit their availability to one type of e-reader/software or another.

Does the library provide access to ebooks?

A library generally accesses e-books through a distributor, who aggregates e-book offerings from various publishers and provides an online platform to manage library patrons'interaction with the library's e-book collection.

What is the best device for ebooks?

The best device for reading etextbooks is whatever device you own. There was a time when e-books and etextbooks came in many different formats, and depending on the reader or device you had, you were required to use a specific format. Fortunately today, you can read etextbooks on ereaders, tablet computers, Mac and PC computers, and smart phones.

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