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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enable JavaScript in edge?

User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components. Then go to the Microsoft Edge folder. * On its right side pane, double-click on “Allows you to run scripts, like Javascript.”. * Check Enable box, and click Apple > Ok button to confirm that.

How do I enable JavaScript in Microsoft Edge?

How to enable JavaScript in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10. * Within Microsoft Edge, click on More menu (…) at top right corner, select “Open with Internet Explorer”. * Click Tools in IE 11,and select Internet Options. * Go to the Security tab, click on Custom Level. Then click “Enable for Active Scripting” for Scripting option, and click Yes > OK to apply that.

Does my Java need updating?

Well, to run programs written in Java, you need a Java "runtime environment.". So if your computer is nagging you to "update Java," then your computer has a Java runtime environment already— and it is out of date.

Does Microsoft Edge have Java enabled?

Under the assumption your computer has Java installed, and Java enabled, the Java content displays in the Internet Explorer window. Edge users can also launch Internet Explorer from the Windows 10 Start button (Programs > Windows Accessories > Internet Explorer).

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