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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find connectors and interconnects for my circuit?

Connectors can often be overlooked when designing a circuit and when in reality, even though they are simple parts, they can make or break a circuit. All of these connectors and many more can be found on the “ Connectors, Interconnects ” page on the Digi-Key website.

What is the part number for a 16 Connector?

This calls out size 16 and for connector sizes 18 to 36, the resulting socket contact part number of 9745-1622S-X (920) is determined. For the purpose of ordering this through a distributor like Digi-Key, it is good to point out that some of the nuances of the part number can be lost.

Where can I find tooling for the sockets on Digi-Key connectors?

Just like finding the sockets for the housing, the Digi-Key website will have a tab listed for tooling on an individual contact page. For example, if looking at the SXH-001T-P0.6, the bare socket for the XHP-2, there will be a box for the tooling (Figure 2). Figure 2: Tooling for the XH series connectors as shown on the product page.

What is a contact in a connector?

Contact: The conductive element in a connector. Contacts mate mechanically and electrically to transmit signals and/or power across a connector interface. Crimp style contacts are the most common type found in high-reliability cylindrical connectors. Male contacts are sometimes referred to as leads, posts or pins.

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