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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you wire a UTV control box to an ATV?

The control boxes come in numerous fused outlets that you wire your accessories to and are controlled by a small remote panel that is easily mounted on UTV dash panels or even a fender panel on an ATV. 4. High Quality Connectors: Waterproof Electrical Connector Kit

What type of wiring do I need for my ATV?

These power blocks or hubs are available with a wide number of terminal connections to cover any number of electrical accessories you want to add to your ATV wiring system. These style hubs are not water-tight, but they don’t really have to be as long as the terminals are covered. 2. Proper Wire Sizing: Flexible Copper Low Voltage Primary Wire

What are the best electronic switches for ATV wiring?

3. Best Electronic Switches: Quality Rockers or Gang Switch Panels Having a good switch can make or break your ATV wiring job. Rocker switches are available in a variety of sizes and styles, the only thing that holds you back from the number of accessories you do with your ATV wiring is switch space.

What are the different types of wire connectors for cars?

Here are the most common types of automotive wire connectors: Metri-Pack Connectors. AMP Superseal Connectors. Anderson Connectors. Weather Pack Connectors.

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