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Frequently Asked Questions

Why to use an electrical connector?

Protect against water ingress Prevent fretting corrosion Reduce contact wear if separable connects are unmated and re-mated repeatedly Extend the functional life of the connector Reduce the insertion force required to mate the connector Guarding against oxidation

What are the functions of the electrical connectors?

Electrical connector. Some connectors are designed such that certain pins make contact before others when inserted, and break first on disconnection; this protects circuits typically in connectors that apply power, e.g. connecting safety ground first, and sequencing connections properly in hot swapping applications.

What do you use on electrical connections?

In fact, you should use dielectric grease on electrical connections to seal it properly and keep the connection from air and water. It will eventually prevent arcing and corrosion. I've discussed enough on this above. I believe if you go through the "Dielectric grease uses" point, you will get the answer more elaborately.

Who sells Posi lock connectors?

Retailers- Consumer Products. Napa, Carquest, Crutchfield, Orschlen. Posi-Products products can be found at the following retailers: Crutchfield - Mobile Electronic Kits, Posi-Twist, Posi-Taps, Blade Fuseholder. Posi-Lock™ Connector, Posi-Twist™ Connector, Posi-Plug™ Connector, Posi-Tite™ Connector, and Posi-Products™ are trademarks of Swenco® Products, Inc.

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