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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the functions of the electrical connectors?

Electrical connector. Some connectors are designed such that certain pins make contact before others when inserted, and break first on disconnection; this protects circuits typically in connectors that apply power, e.g. connecting safety ground first, and sequencing connections properly in hot swapping applications.

How do you wire a trailer?

Connect the white wire to the trailer frame using a self-tapping screw. Splice all wires to the same color wire on the 5-pin connector. Tape all connections. Wire color codes may not be the same on the truck as on the trailer. If you're adding a 5-pin truck side connector, use a test light to determine the circuit colors.

What materials are used for electrical wiring?

Conductor – The internal material of a cord that conducts electricity. Copper is the most common material used for electrical wiring. Silver is the best conductor, but is expensive. Because it does not corrode, gold is used for high-quality surface-to-surface contacts.

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