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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the product connector selector?

Our product connector selector is designed to narrow down our vast connector range to suit your requirements and solve your design needs.

Why Seacon connectors?

For military marine, offshore oil and gas, ROV, and oceangraphic research applications. SEACON series offer a wide range of over 2500 underwater electrical and fiber optic connectors. Complete connector system solutions for harsh offshore environments serving the global oil and gas industry.

What are the applications of a conesys connector?

Conesys connectors are widely used in all types of applications spanning different markets including Military/Aerospace, Commercial Aviation, Business Aviation, Aircraft Engines, Marine Applications, Heavy Equipment, Transportation, Rail Mass Transit, Geophysical, Machine Automation/Motion Control, Medical Equipment,...

Where are Aero-electric connectors made?

Conesys is privately held and headquartered in Torrance, California. The company markets under the brand names Aero-Electric Connector, Aero Industrial Products, EMP Connectors, J-Tech, and Conesys Europe.

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