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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I plug in a RV to a home electrical system?

YES, you can hook up the RV to the electric at the house but, you will not be able to run the same amount of appliances inside the RV as you could if you were getting power from a 30A / 50A RV power source. See if your friend will allow you to call an electrician and install a 30Amp or 50Amp receptacle close to the RV and run your cord to it.

What can I use to clean electrical connectors?

Buff or rub the pins with a small sandpaper to remove the discoloration of the metal. You can then buff the paper until a shiny and clean metal surface appears. Use a toothbrush to brush the metal pins. Spray a bit of electrical contact cleaner or vinegar to remove any corrosion or dry dust.

What voltage are RV hookups?

Some RVers have learned the hard way when do-it-yourself electricians “plumb in” new RV electrical hookups at a campground. What happens sometimes is the campground will wire in 220 volts, when it should only be 120 volts, which results in high-voltage problems such as smoked wiring and burnt-out electronics.

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