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Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy electrical supplies online?

We carry a wide range of electrical supplies online to help you get your commercial and residential jobs done quickly and efficiently.

What are the different types of electrical supplies?

Electrical supplies connect equipment to an electrical power source. Extension cords and power strips supply power to equipment beyond the reach of an outlet. Wall switches and receptacles provide a fixed access point for controlling and connecting to electrical power. Plugs and connectors make and maintain electrical connections.

Why choose Westside wholesale for electrical supplies?

Whether you're a homeowner or a professional electrical contractor, Westside Wholesale offers a huge and diverse selection of electrical supplies at competitive pricing. Plus, we offer bulk discounts on large orders, so be sure to keep us in mind for your most intensive projects.

Does Home Depot sell electrical supplies?

Power Your Home with Electrical Supplies from The Home Depot. The Home Depot has the electrical supplies and materials you need to complete any electrical project.

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