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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of Electrical Supplies do they sell in Miami FL?

We sell electrical conduits, switchgears, electrical wire, electrical cable, electrical boxes, wireways, lamps, lighting fixtures, wiring devices, electrical tools, equipment & supplies in Miami, FL. Contact us today or stop by our Electrical Supply Store in Miami and Hialeah, Florida.

Where can I buy electrical supplies for my project?

Finding the exact supplies for an electrical project can be difficult, but at, we have your needs covered. Shop from our expansive selection of electrical parts, supplies, and accessories to build, repair, and upgrade your systems.

Why choose electrical supplies?

For the past 40 years, Electrical Supplies Inc. has prided itself on providing our customers with the best overall value in the electrical distribution industry.

What kind of electrical products do we carry?

From the fundamental parts including electrical controls, conduit and cable, and electrical disconnect switches, to the more specialized electrical tools and instruments, we carry the products you need to successfully finish your projects.

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