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Frequently Asked Questions

What elements are included on an electron configuration chart?

The electron configuration can be seen as consisting of the core electrons, which is equal to the configuration of the most recent noble gas, plus the valence (outer electron) configuration of the element. So the electron configuration of calcium (Ca) which has 20 electrons, can be written as: [Ar]4s².

How do you read an electron configuration chart?

An electron configuration chart of the elements shows the periodicity of the electron structure across the elements. In this chart, the numbers (1, 2, 3,…) are referred to as the principal quantum number, referred to as n , which corresponds to an electron shell. So, 1 refers to the first shell, 2 the second shell, and so on.

How do you determine the electron configuration of an element?

To find the electron configuration of an element, start at hydrogen and trace across each period until your target element is reached. At each preceding element, pay attention to the energy level and block it represents. Let’s practice in this section below. One again we will use the example of Lithium.

How can an electron configuration calculator help me?

An online condensed electron configuration calculator helps you to determine the electron configuration of any element. This valence electron calculator displays the abbreviated configuration and the atomic number of each element.

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